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Spotlight on : Batch Controllers

Controls Warehouse offers both mechanical and electronic batch controllers. Mechanical batchers are best suited for explosion-proof environments or areas where there is no power available. Electronic batchers are the best choice for ease of use. They allow the operator to change the batch size or the calibration easily through a keypad.

Some guidelines:

A) If the batcher must be installed in a explosion proof area, the mechanical meter makes sense.

B) However, if the environment requires explosion proofing, but the fluid is a low viscosity, low lubricity fluid, such as MEK, alcohols, DI water, etc., the choice of mechanical meters is limited. Since the fluid is too low in viscosity to form a capillary seal between the parts inside the measuring chamber, lower flow rates will produce substantial errors in accuracy. The only positive displacement meter we would offer for this would be an oval gear design. If possible, we would prefer to use a turbine meter with an electronic batching system featuring explosion-proof housings.

C) The electronic batcher is suitable for use with most flow meters that provide signal outputs. The mechanical batcher is only available with positive displacement meters because only they can provide the torque required to drive all the gear motion, register advance and valve release mechanisms.

A Typical Mechanical
Batch Controller
Different Electronic Batch
controllers are available

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