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Venture Measurement / Aaliant

The Venture/Niagara MTX and WPX meters are hot and cold water meters capable of passing some small particulate matter. The MTX is a multi-jet design available in 1/2” through 2” sizes. The WPX is an axial turbine design available in sizes 2” through 10”. These meters come standard with non-resettable registers, with options for low and high speed pulsers. These meters are suitable for condensate return service.

The Venture/Niagara Nutating Disc PD meter line is available in bronze, cast iron, and stainless steel bodies. For fuel oil service, we offer the bronze body only. Customers will request cast iron, but because of the danger of cracking the body during a fire with cold water from a fire hose, we only quote iron on request. The meter comes standard with male NPT ends which are one size larger. Couplings are available to bring the end connection down to the correct size. This is an advantage in providing low flow measurement in oversize lines. Available line sizes range from 3/4” through 2”. There are over fifteen different register and pulser options available.

Venture also offers a Target meter suitable for gas or liquid service. The target meter is available in an in-line or insertion-style configuration.

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