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Information on Target Meters

How the Aaliant Strain Gage Target Flowmeter Works

Flow is measured in terms of dynamic force acting on a target (solid disk) in the flow stream. Hermetically sealed, bonded strain gages in a bridge circuit configuration mounted outside the flow stream translate force into an electrical output. This output is proportional to flow rate squared.

Basic Principle of Operation:

How a Bridge Circuit Works

1) Forces from the fluid flow are transferred from
     the target to the sensing tube
2) Four interconnected strain gages (attached to the sensing tube
     — two on forward side of flow, two on reverse side of flow)
     produce a four-active arm, bridge circuit.
3) At zero flow, the bridge circuit is balanced and produces zero output
4) Flow produces strain on the sensing tube
5) The bridge circuit becomes unbalanced, producing an output

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