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Information on Pelton Wheel Meters

In the center of the Pelton meter body is a rotor with it’s blades rotating on a vertical axis. The pickup which is mounted external to the meter body senses the rotor rotation and generates an AC sine wave at a millivolt level. The output frequency of this signal is a function of the volumetric flow through the meter. This signal with optional electronics can be use to indicate rate of flow, total, or analog signals(4-20 madc).

The standard turbine can not handle very low flow ranges. The Pelton wheel design is great for low flow ranges of low viscosity, clean fluids and various gases. Axial turbines provide a "flat" response curve, the Pelton wheel design does not. Click here for more information on turbine meters.

The output frequency vs flow curve is a straight line, but on a 45 degree angle. As a result, the meter K-factor changes with the flow rate. This means the receiving device would need to have linearizing a function.

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