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Information on Paddlewheel Meters

A paddlewheel meter is an inexpensive device that can be used to measure water-like fluids. Most paddlewheel meters consist of two main pieces: the paddlewheel sensor and the installation fitting.

The sensor body: Typically this impeller-type insertion meter consists of the impeller(rotor), bearing assembly, sensor body, and hall effect switch. The sensor body is available in different materials of construction. The rotor blades have magnets imbedded in the tips, so the rotation of the rotor is detected by the non-drag hall effect sensor. The hall effect sensor produces a pulse-type square wave output which can travel distances up to 2000 feet without a transmitter. This signal with optional electronics can be use to indicate rate of flow, total, or produce analog signals like a 4-20 madc.

This flow sensor is available for use with battery power.

The installation fitting: Made out of various materials(bronze, pvc, stst) the fittings are usually a tee or saddle design. Tee style fittings(up thru 2”) are tested at factory and come with a K-factor. Remember the K-factor is the number of pulses per gallon that a meter will generate. For saddles or insertion sensor that are installed into large existing line a nominal k-factor is available via a look up chart. The factor will be dependent on line size, schedule, and material.

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