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General Information on Magnetic Flowmeters

Most people are familiar with how the generator (alternator) in their car works. Simplified, you have a wire passing through a magnetic field, which creates a voltage output. A magnetic flow meter(magmeter) is similar - the fluid is a conductor (wire), passing through a magnetic field (pulsed field created by the meter), and the resultant low level voltage signal is detected by electrodes on the sides of the flow tube.

A magnetic flow meter is close to being the ideal flow meter for liquids, i.e. all solid state, no moving parts, accuracy's down to (0.2% of rate, capable of handling most corrosive fluids. The measuring tube is an open pipe, you could run tree branches through the meter.

The negative side is that the fluid must be a conductive liquid of at least 5 microSiemens/cm (same as micromhos/cm) and cannot contain anything that will coat the electrodes with a non-conductive film or barrier. The meter uses a insulating liner, which is subject to erosion by slurries. We offer a wide variety of liners to handle different fluids.

If the fluid is a conductor, there is very little this meter cannot handle. If you contact us for a quotation, we will want to know what the fluid is, pressure and temperature. If the pipe is a nonconductor (PVC), or coated, be sure to tell us.

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