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Meters for Gas Service

We can handle most of your gas flow applications. Everything from air, carbon dioxide, and refrigerants to fuel gases like methane and natural gas. We just need some basic information about your gas flow to get started.

When we provide a flow meter to measure gas flow, we need to know what is actually flowing through the meter. The key word here is ‘actual’, which is the ‘A’ in ACFM (Actual Cubic Feet per Minute). The only time ACFM and SCFM are the same is when the line pressure is 0 psig, which never happens because 0 psig = no flow.

In order to size a flow meter properly, we need the following information to determine the actual flow rate:

    1) Flow rate in SCFM
    2) Line pressure       
    3) Line Temperature

We then use the following formula:

This allows us to pick the correct size meter for your actual gas flow. We can then select the transmitter or display to meet your needs. For more information on meters available for gas service, click on a link below.

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