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We offer select models of Vortex shedding, Coriolis mass, and Magnetic flowmeters from Endress+Hauser. These meters are ideal for steam, gas or liquid services. The vortex meters are available in sizes from ½”-6”(wafer) and ½”-8”(flanged). The Prowirl 72 and Prowirl 73 vortex designs use a capacitive DSC sensor to detect the pressure pulses created by the bluff body.

All Prowirl 72 and 73 meters have the bluff body cast into the meter body to guarantee high resistance to water hammer or water droplets in steam lines. The body is 316L stainless steel.

Standard units are good for temperatures –40 to 500 degF and pressure rating for 300lb ANSI standards. Options available include 3-wire pulse(scaled), 2-wire pulse(unscaled), 4-20 madc, HART, and a rate/total display.

These meters typically have a full scale range of 30 FPS/liquids, 250 FPS/gas and steam.


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