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AMCO Water Meters

The AMCO cold water meters fall into three basic categories. The small AMCO C700 meter is a positive displacement design available in sizes from 1/2” through 2”. They are intended for clean, cold water applications with temperatures below 120 degF and pressures under 150 psig. These units come standard with non-resettable registers but are available with low and high speed pulsers. An electronic register is also available, providing a rate and total display with optional pulse and/or analog outputs. The larger AMCO T-3000 cold water meter is an axial turbine design with the capability of handling minute foreign matter, i.e. typical well water. The T-3000 has a very low pressure drop and can be used in gravity drain applications. The register and pulser options are similar the C700. Large C-3000 compound meters are available for extremely wide flow ranges by combining the low-flow performance of the small C700 meter with the high volume T-3000 turbine.

The AMCO oil meter series (Models AMCO4 through AMCO50) have low flow rates on a per line size basis, perfect for use on oil fired burners, generators, and the like. These meters require 80 mesh filtration for the AMCO4 and AMCO8, and 60 mesh filtration for the larger meters. These are best suited for clean, low flow, light to heavy oil applications not exceeding 266 degF. Available size range from 1/8” through 2” and have flow ranges from 0.25 to 8000 GPH.

The AMCO MagMaster is a magmeter with options chosen for wastewater service. The well tested MagMaster is perfect for clean and dirty water. The liner is polyurethane and the electrodes are stainless steel. Sizes available are 2” thru 10”

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