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Actaris / Neptune

The Actaris (formerly Schlumberger) Neptune Type S and Type MP meters for oil, chemical, and general service is one of our standard offerings for bulk unloading and custody transfer service. In general we offer these meters for any oil being pumped at a high rate or where a resettable or batching type meter is required. The Type S is only available in bronze, while the Type MP is available in bronze, cast iron, or stainless steel. Both non-resettable and resettable registers are available with various pulser options. The MP meter is now available with a digital display and pulse/4-20 madc outputs.

A mechanical batching system consists of a flowmeter with a large, mechanical register mounted on top with a control valve bolted to the discharge side of the meter. A linkage arm between the register and the valve controls the valve operation. The operating steps are (1) reset the register to zero, (2) set the desired batch volume, and (3) pull the handle opening the valve to start the flow. The register will close the valve automatically when the preset volume has passed.

This type of meter is available in a single or two-stage shut off. We have two manufacturers that offer this type of batching system.

• Simple, one piece installation
• Change gears are available for field calibration
• Best option for explosion proof applications if meter design is suitable
• Limited to larger flowmeters capable of producing enough torque to drive the register

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