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We currently offer Magnetic Flowmeters, commonly known as magmeters, from ABB Automation. Magmeters are used to measure the flow of conductive fluids. The ‘open-pipe’ design of the magmeter makes it a perfect match for waste water, slurries, or any other fluid with solids content. Another inherent benefit of the ‘open-pipe’ design is low pressure drop. The only wetted parts are the tube liner and the electrodes, both of which are available in many different materials. The accuracy of a magmeter is typically +/- 0.2 to 0.5% of rate. Typical features of a magmeter include: Empty pipe alarms, forward/reverse flow, pulse/analog outputs, serial communications, remote displays, and SMART/HART protocols.

ABB Automation now offers the full line of what used to be known as Fischer & Porter magmeters, including the popular wafer-style 10D1475W Mini-Mag. ABB’s original magmeter, the MagMaster and the MagMaster Plus are also still available. Both product lines offer multiple liner and electrode options, local or remote totalizers, signal outputs, and options for buried/submerged service. ABB Automation offers meters from 1/10” thru 72” in size.

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